Manufacturer Representative


Steel Pipe Nipples
bullet Black & Galvanized, Welded & Seamless
bullet Sch.40 (Std), Sch.80 (Extra Heavy), Sch.160, XX Heavy
bullet 1/8" - 12" Diameter, Close - 21' Long
bullet Seamless Products have Traceability
bullet Right & Left Combination Threads
Brass Pipe Nipples
bullet RED Brass, Sch.40 & Sch.80, Seamless
bullet Chrome Plated w/ Hospital Threads
Plastic Pipe Nipples
bullet Extra Heavy (Sch.80), Molded & Machined
bullet TBE, TOE, Custom Ends
Specialty Irrigation Items
bullet Flexible Poly (LDPE) Cut-Off Risers
bullet Marlex 90d Street Elbows for Swing Joints
Nipple Assortments & Displays
bullet Gray Trays (66pc.), Jr. Gray Trays (24pc.), Single Run Paks
bullet Cut-To-Length Displays for Will-Call Areas & easy inventory
Stainless Steel & Aluminum Pipe Nipples
bullet Types 304 & 316
bullet Sch. 40, 80, 160, XX  Welded & Seamless
bullet Aluminum: Sch.40 6061-T6 Seamless
Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings
bullet Black and Galvanized, Imported
bullet 1/8" - 4" in Stock
bullet Other sizes available
Bronze Pipe Fittings
bullet Imported
bullet 1/8" - 4" in Stock
bullet Other Sizes Available
Copper Tubing Fittings
bullet Most Popular Items & Sizes 1/2" -2"
bullet Imported
Merchant Steel Couplings & Fittings
bullet Merchant Couplings: Full, Half, API, AAR N/R (Full & Half)
bullet Plugs, Caps & Bushings 1/8" - 3/4"
bullet Merchant Fittings ALSO AVAILABLE IN BRASS
Specialty Pipe Nipples & Other Items
bullet Grooved, Tank, Longscrew, Right & Left
bullet Threads: Standard, Straight, Mechanical, Extended-Taper
bullet All-Thread/Running-Thread
bullet Reducing & Swage Nipples

KV SALES INC :: Keith "the Sheepherder" Holz
Manufacturer Representative for:
Pex Crimp USA, CROWN, ROC, CHEM DEPOT, Stone Tools, E.A.GRAY, KITZ Valves, The BWM Company & CELLO's vast range of Copper, Brass, Plastic Products including B-Press Fittings!